Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is Chelsea gonna "CASH IN" for 2010 ???


Its been a tough season so far for Chelsea ; eventhough on top of the table , poor performances in last few matches have raised alot of questions on "The Blues " as the premier league reaches the half term.Eventhough Chelsea begun the season with much grace and vigor under the new manager Ancelotti , they seem to be lost their way. Its will be a hard task for the manager to make the blues back in action as a number of key players will be missing in January because of African Nations Cup.

Chelsea needs a player who can make the " change " , who can create something from "nothing". As the new transfer season starts with the newyear , all chelsea fans all around the globe are anxiously waiting for how much Abramovich is gonna put in the table this January. From the club's point of view , it is an important transfer season on grounds of awaiting transfer ban imposed by FIFA.

So far this season , Drogba has been the key player for Chelsea. He himself netted 19 goals till now including Premier league as well as in other championships. His absense in the squad in January will be a huge headache. Chelsea desperately needs a new brilliant striker who can substitute some one like Drogba. Eventhough Ancelotti claims Chelsea can get over with it without new arrivals , fans as well as players are hoping for new faces at Stamfordbridge this january.

As per rumours ,Aguero and Ribery are in the hhit list along with many other. Lets wait and watch what Abramovich and Ancelotti are upto. Hope they bring in new brilliant faces at Stamford this Jan.

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