Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Tiger Woods.. Now Terry??


The latest allegations on John Terry's relationship with his ex Chelsea mate Wane Bridge is pointing to the devastating effect of Media involvement in the personal affairs of big stars. Now that all are talking about the "story" ; Terry is under immense pressure that can even cost his future as Chelsea and English Team captaincy.
Few weeks earlier there was a similar media hike about the illegal relations of golf champion Tiger Woods , that ended up in his professional withdrawal from the game. Ones personal life should be his own concern whether he is a star or an ordinary man. The media interferance can have a really deleterious effect and has to be controlled.

As the Terry scam has got a lot of attention around the glob, voices have started rising for his head as England's captain. Though Chelsea has given him full protection by releasing a statement that the club will always stay with the player, England manager Fabio Capello is yet to react in the issue.
There is a silent push from the Manchester City side in the issue as they have once again turned their focus on Chelsea captain. Earlier the season , they tried with enormous bids to sign Terry from Chelsea but all went in wain. Now that Wane Bridge has come up with allegations and all Man City players supporting him ; something is very fishy anout the whole thing.
What ever be his personal life is, John Terry is a great player and has shown his credibilities both on and off the field. The words by Barcelona Manager pep Guardiola after last years Champions League semi finals reveals the sportsmanship in Terry. All the Chelsea fans are behind Terry and he should not lose his composure and just hold his head up.
Like wise what Ancelotti said " "I'm honoured and proud to manage him,"

We are honoured to have a captain like you. We love you Terry.

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