Monday, October 14, 2013

Loaning Lukaku A good Move or a Bad Move?


With the start of a new season as Chelsea secured the signing of Samuel Eto , the once prolific frontman from Anzhimakalela; there wasn't much of a reaction when Mourinho decided to loan Lukaku to Everton. But the situation changed drastically just in the time frame of two months.
                                        As Lukaku , the much expected youngster started a goal streak at Everton and the so called big shots in Chelsea front line has yet to produce a goal in their name. Many a fans where asking the same question. Whether it was a bad move by the "Special One" ? As we all know the tactician he is , Mourinho infact did the right thing to loan Lukaku. In a club like chelsea with so much competition for places and such expectations to win every other match they play. It would have been hard to get enough playing time for a youngster like Lukaku. Especially with the likes of Torres , Eto and Ba competing for a single place in the starting line up. Also keeping in mind the fact that , World Cup 2014 is soon arriving and with Belgium emerging as 5thFavourites for the cup , a player like Lukaku needs much more playing time to keep his metal in shine.
                                          Lukaku though physically strong and with lot of talent ; he is very young and at the age of 20 , he defenitely has a lot of years left in his bag. The way he is evolving at Everton now , there is nothing left to imagination that he will be the main strike power of Chelsea attacking squad for the Season 2014-2015. Yes finally Chelsea have a 'new Drogba' in the making.

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