Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two new additions to Chelsea injury List - Ivanovic and Carvalho


     Lengthening the list of injured players , Chelsea face a new challange as they miss out two key players , Ivanovic and Carvalho .Ivanovic was declared unfit for one month when he got a knee injury during the match against Blackburn Rovers. He used to be a good defensive alternative as Chelsea missed the main right back Bosingwa due to an injury very early in the season.
                                                  Now that  the main centre back Carvalho also got ruled out for one month , Ancelotti is up against a squad that lacks quality in defence. Chelsea will have to show real character to bring the silverware back to Stamfordbridge. Now that the important away match against Manchester United in pending , The blues camp will be under enormous tension.

                                                            This should be a lesson to Chelsea that they should increase the quality of their reserve bench. Hope Chelsea use the next transfer season to full advantage.

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