Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where has Chelsea gone Wrong?


                          Chelsea began the season with the appoinment of the new manager Ancelotti stating they wanted to win Champion League for their owner "Abramovich" . But even Ancelotti failed to bid the Champions League trophy which remains as a jinx at Stamford. The crashing out of league at an earlier stage with out even making into the final eight is something that Abramovich don't expect from his new manager.And the thing is Abramovich has released and Ultimatum for his staff and players to face serious actions if they didn't prove them selves in EPL.
 The Problem Statement
                    Chelsea were desperate to put their hands on the Champions trophy this season , but injuries caused them to go into the league with a poor line up which lacked creativity and penetrating power.Among  the numerous  injury vows , it was Essien that made a large impact on Chelsea line up. He used to be a powerful face in the Chelsea midfield who created chances as well as brought fluidity into their game. Missing out Bosingwa for the whole season was also a severe blow that Ancelotti faced though he tried to recover his miss using Ivanovic. Then came Ashley Cole , who was the master mind of all the attacks along left wing during the first half of the season. As he was sidelined for rest of the season , Ancelotti missed out another big gun from his armory.
                                                       Chelsea didn't do any major signings this season , the one being Zirkov and Sturridge , both of them didn't made ab impact on the team also.All expected a major signing in the form of a world class striker or attacking midfielder to assist Drogba up in the front. As neither of the signings didn't happen , it left Chelsea as team whom you can beat if you tied Drogba down.
                                                                    Then came scandals.That too about Mr. Chelsea captain John Terry. He was hit by the scandal linking Wein Bridge's former girl friend.  That caused Terry to lose England's captaincy also. After that event , Terry was been just a shadow of his old himself. That left the famous Chelsea defense an easily penetrable one.
                                                                      Now that they are out of Champions League , Chelsea have to concentrate on winning EPL , where they still hold the first place in the table. But with matches pending against Manchester United and Liverpool , The Blues will have to win all the games from now on to bring the EPL trophy back to Stamford once again.
                                                                           What ever may be the turn out at the end of this season , Chelsea will have to cash in next transfer season and bring in some class players to build a strong line up to claim all the trophies.

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